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Transfer of assets

GAIL (India) Limited had been allocated 1.1 MMSCMD of APM gas by MoP&NG for distribution of gas to polluting industries in the Taj Trapezium  Zone pursuant to which GAIL has undertaken local gas distribution projects in cities of Agra and Ferozabad. Supply of 1.1 MMSCMD gas  comes under  APM regime wherein supply of gas to designated customers is as per the gas price fixed from time to time by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas / Government of India.
After incorporation of GAIL Gas Limited, the management of GAIL transferred the business of city gas distribution along with the existing and ongoing expansion of local distribution assets in Agra and Firozabad to GAIL Gas Limited.
The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural gas has consented the GAIL Board’s decision to transfer the Local gas distribution assets in Agra & Firozabad. Subsequently, the Shareholders of the Company have endorsed the same with thumping majority of consenting votes.
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has also transferred allocation of 1.1 MMSCMD of APM gas to GAIL Gas Limited for the supply of the same to various existing industries in TTZ area to be undertaken by GAIL Gas.
Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) has also authorized GAIL Gas to carry out CGD activities in entire TTZ area except Mathura and Agra. In Agra the existing gas supply to the industries shall be continued to be supplied by GAIL Gas. Supply of  gas to new industries in Agra comes under the purview of Green Gas Limited. Except Agra, GAIL Gas  shall supply the eco- friendly fuel to all existing  and new customers in TTZ area authorised by PNGRB.

Conserving the heritage

GAIL Gas Limited shall supply the gas to the existing and new industries in Firozabad and will set up the requisite infrastructure in other potential area of the Taj Trapezium Zone. The existing industrial units being served are mostly the glass and ceramics units which use the eco-friendly fuel-natural gas in order to ensure the pollution free environment and the better quality of the product at highly reasonable rate. The natural gas supplied by GAIL till date has definitely  changed the industrial domain of the region and has proved a boon to all such industrial units as it could able to fetch all the desired results along with economical benefits and in turn the prosperity in the region. The bangles made in this region using natural gas as fuel has been considered to be of best quality and are having the huge demand of the same all over the country.
GAIL Gas Limited has been fully geared up to take up the gas distribution activities in TTZ area and has chalked out an effective plan to implement the project. The objective of the company is to reach all the industries, each houses, commercials with the piped natural Gas (PNG) and eco-friendly fuel- CNG for the transport sectors.

Potential Market

GAIL Gas has assessed the demand of gas in all the four sectors, i.e. industrial, domestic, commercial and transport sectors of the entire TTZ area including Agra & Firozabad. Gas demand has been assessed to approx. 2 MMSCMD in the 25th year excluding the existing gas supply to the industries in Agra and Firozabad. Total project cost in 25th year has been envisaged to approx. Rs. 400 Crores.


Building Trust,  Valuing Customers

Gas availability is a major impediment for enabling the industries to grow on sustainable scale.  Hence, to tackle the enhanced demand of gas in Agra & Firozabad and also looking into the non-availability of  APM Gas for the industries, GAIL Gas has proactively sourced Regassified LNG which is slightly at higher prices, but is still cheaper than the alternate fuel so that there should not have any scarcity of gas for the existing and new industries.
GAIL Gas has been formed to take up up CGD activities dedicatedly and has been assigned the responsibility of serving the customers of Agra and Firozabad dedicatedly and GAIL Gas shown its dedicated approach by proactively sourcing the natural gas at the best possible price for the benefit of the industrial units and other customer sectors of Agra and Firozabad.
The Company endeavour to carry out the responsibility which GAIL has entrusted upon the shoulders.
GAIL Gas solicits the requisite cooperation from all the existing & prospective  customers to serve them in a better way.

Domestic PNG rate (w.e.f. 1.12.2014 ):
Retail Selling price of Slab 1
(upto 30 SCM in 60 days)

Domestic PNG rate
Retail Selling price of Slab 2
(above 30 SCM in 60 days on diff.
quantity only)

Retail Selling Price
of Firozabad CNG
(Rs. /Kg.) for 1st December, 2014