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PNG: New Connection
New Connection Procedure
  • Application Procedure
  1. Contact our DMA at their respective site offices
  2. Application form may be downloaded from our website.

    1. Fill the registration form
    2. Submit duly filled and signed registration form
    3. Submit it along with Proof of Identity (Any one of the following: PAN Card/ Passport/Voter Id Card/ Driving License/Ration Card) or Proof of ownership of the establishment (Copy of Sale Deed Agreement/Rent Agreement/Electricity bill/BSNL Telephone bill/Society Certificate etc.)
Registration Charges & Security deposit:
  • Non refundable Application fee of Rs.300/-
  • Interest free refundable Security Deposit of Rs.5000/- for the connection in the following manner.
    • Rs. 500 at the time of registration for connection
    • Rs. 4500 at the time of connection.
      (This is taken as per PNGRB Guidelines in lieu of the connection charges which include GI/Copper pipeline upto 15 m within customer premises).
  • In case of GI/ Copper Pipeline exceeds beyond 15 Meters, the following rates shall be charged for the extra pipe length.

  • Activity

    (Rate In Rs)

    GI (1/2")


    GI (3/4")


    12 MM Copper


  • Interest free refundable Security Deposit of Rs.500/- for gas consumption.
Payment is to be made through through DD/ Cheque/ e- payment in the favour  of  ‘GAIL Gas Limited’. No payment should be made in cash.
After Sales Service Charges -GAIL GAS LTD
  After Sales Service Charges -GAIL GAS LTD
Sr No Particulars /Activity GAIL Gas Ltd (Rate In Rs)
1 Providing Bathroom Point GI(1/2)"-330/Mtr, Cu(3/4") -350/Mtr, 12 MM Copper-265/Mtr
2 Internal GI pipe and installation Removal for Renovation 250 per Removal
3 External/Riser GI pipe Removal for Renovation/Building Extension 250 per Removal
4 GI Internal pipe Re-installation/Modification Charges As per Actual length of work @ 350 /per meter subject to a minimum of Rs 500/-if same or lesser material is reinstalled
5 PE pipeline laying through Boring 350
6 Wire braded flexible Hose replacement 250
7 New Stove Conversion from LPG to PNG and vice-versa Rs 50 per burner and Rs 300/- for stove with 4 burner +Oven +Grill
8 Gas Tap replacement /Appliance Valve/Isolation Value 200
9 Disconnection/Deactivation for Supply of gas 100
10 Reconnection /Restoration for Supply of Gas 100
11 Name Transfer Charges(Except Death) 250

Note: Excluding Statutory taxes/levies

Detailed Terms and Conditions are available with the registration form on the website.

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