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GAIL Gas Ltd. celebrates National Safety Week

GAIL Gas Ltd. celebrated the National Safety Day with a series of awareness programmes for employees and other stakeholders at the corporate and site offices. Inaugurating the Week on 5th March, 2012, CEO Shri J. Wason unfurled the Safety flag and also unveiled an exhibition in which safety-related equipment and important safety instructions were displayed and an e-magazine ‘Safety Buzz’.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Wason said safety was a critical issue in the business of city gas distribution as any lacunae could adversely affect the common man. Therefore, all employees, contractors, vendors, etc. of GAIL Gas had to give utmost importance to ensuring safety, he said. The Safety and Health Pledge was administered to all the employees on the occasion.

To raise awareness about safety, workshops and demonstrations were held at the corporate and site offices. GAIL Gas shall celebrate the National Safety Week from 5th March to 9th March 2012. During the Safety Week, various safety related programme shall be organized and competitions will be held. The winners of the various competitions meant to improve the awareness about safety such as essay writing, safety slogan, poem, suggestions, poster competitions for employee wards and safety at home.