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GAIL Gas CNG Station at Meerut Operational

The first mega CNG station in Meerut was inaugurated on September 6, 2011 by Shri B.C. Tripathi, Chairman and Managing Director of GAIL (India) Limited and Chairman, GAIL Gas Limited during the third Annual General Meeting of GAIL Gas Limited through remote access. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were Directors of GAIL Gas Shri Prabhat Singh, Shri P.K. Jain, Dr. Ashutosh Karnataka, Shri. J. Wason along with Shri M. Ravindran, Chief Executive Officer of GAIL Gas Ltd. and other officials of GAIL and GAIL Gas Limited.

The first of its kind Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Mother Station has ten dispensers, eight for light vehicles and two for heavy vehicles. This mother station is connected to GAIL’s pipeline system through City Gate Station at Ghat Village  and has a capacity to refill sixteen light vehicles and four heavy vehicles at a time. Three compressors of 1200 standard cubic meter per hour (scmh) each are installed at the station and CNG will be dispensed to vehicles at 200 bar pressure of natural gas. At present, the CNG production capacity of station is 45,000 kg per day which can refuel about 1500 cars, 3000 autos and 150 heavy vehicles in a day. The CNG is available at an introductory price of Rs. 40/- per kg.

GAIL Gas Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of GAIL (India) Limited, plans to start two more CNG stations in Meerut very soon in Lohia Nagar and Vedvyaspuri for which plots have been identified and construction is in progress.