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Rajasthan’s first CNG station becomes operational in Kota

GAIL Gas Limited started Kota’s first CNG station on October 9, 2011, making it the first city in Rajasthan where the environment-friendly and economical fuel for vehicles is available. The CNG station has been set up at J K Nagar Yojana, D.C.M. Road. It is an on-line mother station, i.e., it is directly connected to a gas pipeline. The station has six CNG dispensers, five for small vehicles such as cars and auto-rickshaws and one for buses. It has a compressor of 1,200 standard cubic metre per hour (SCMH) capacity, i.e., the station can supply over 920 kg CNG per hour and serve more than 1,000 small vehicles and 30 to 50 buses in a single day.

The average mileage on CNG varies between 25 kms per kilogram for cars up to 50 kms per kilogram for auto-rickshaws on open road under ideal conditions. CNG is environment friendly because it has fewer impurities such as sulphur and lead. It is a very safe fuel as it is lighter than air and rises upwards in case of leakage. Moreover, there is no chance for adulteration in CNG.

Though at present there are few vehicles running on CNG in Kota, the number is expected to go up substantially in the near future as the state Government has mandated that all auto-rickshaws sold in the city from January 2010 onwards should run either on CNG or LPG to reduce pollution levels. CNG auto-rickshaw manufacturers such as Bajaj and TVS have already set up agencies in Kota and retro-fitment equipment manufacturers which install CNG kits in older vehicles are also available.

GAIL Gas Limited is constructing another CNG station at Kota – Baran Road (Sainik Service Station) which will become operational on the receipt of statutory clearances.